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Where ever The Truth Might Lie is author John C. McColgan’s first novel.  This historically based, fictional tale, as narrated by psychiatrist Mike O’Ryan, is a gradual unfolding of a story based on the claims of O’Ryan’s patient, first introduced to him as John Doe.  Mr. Doe, whose very identity is shrouded in mystery, makes allegations which have perplexed O’Ryan’s mentor and friend, Colonel Bill Mullins, leading Mullins to refer the case to O’Ryan.  In delving into the mind, memories, and murky history of John Doe, all three of these men embark on a journey through American history that begins in World War II and extends just beyond the year of the story’s narration, which is 2004.

McColgan is optimistic that Where ever The Truth Might Lie will appeal to a broad reading audience.  Any Patriots fan or member of Red Sox Nation would have reason to love a book written by a real Bostonian and narrated by a fictional one when most of the story unfolds in the magical year of 2004.  Oregonians, and especially anyone who lives in the Rogue Valley, should enjoy a tale set in their own familiar surroundings.  Political junkies ought to be sated, at least temporarily, and philosophers, theologians, and anyone else who loves exploring moral ambiguities, should be intrigued and challenged.  Historians might raise their eyebrows, and must be cautioned to remember that they are reading a work of fiction, right?  Anyone who loves their country but doesn’t always trust their government will have greater cause for celebration and anger. Above all, conspiracy theorists everywhere will be glad to meet an author who is every bit as suspicious about many of the events of the last seventy years as they are.

If you count yourself or your friends in any of these preceding categories, then you owe it to yourself to order and read Where ever The Truth Might Lie.

Where ever The Truth Might Lie ©2011        661 pages       $29.99

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